Problem with UART

I'm a newbie as far as Beagleboard is concerned. I'm currently using a
B5 revision of the board, purchased directly from TI. My short-term
goal is to be able to set up and run Angstrom on the Beagleboard.

When I power-on the board using an external 5V source, the three power
LEDs are turned on as expected, but when I try to serially interact
with the board from a PC console (using the 11520 8N1 settings), the
bootloader does not appear to have run, and there is no response
visible on the screen. I tried connecting to the PC from the board's
RS232 using a UART cable, as well as a null modem cable, but neither
seem to be working although the cables appear to be fine. I'm guessing
it might be a problem with one of the board components.

I spoke with a TI (Bangalore) employee about this, and he tested the
board with his own cables and confirmed that it is a UART problem, and
even suggested that this is a common problem with a lot of Bx version

Does anyone have any idea whether I might be able to get the board
repaired locally (in India)? If not, would it still be possible to
have it repaired/replaced in the US? Apparently, the warranty has