Problems booting ubuntu on the BeagleBoard

We followed these instructions to put ubuntu on our microSD card: . I have check and
all of the files and directories and such have successfully loaded
onto the card. However, when we put the card into the board and
connect it to a monitor via HDMI, nothing appears on the screen. We
have tried holding the USER button while we connect the power and
still nothing. Any advice on other things to try to get ubuntu

To help everyone help you, could you please let everyone know
which board and revision you are working with?


Which board?

Your read this note: right?

"On Beagleboard xM rev A3 and B" .... at:

otherwise, edit the boot.scr (use mkimage to regenerate) and add:

"console=ttyS2,115200n8" to the bootarg's..


Have you tried this - ?

I wasn’t succeeded by following your link but above.