Problems bringing up basic BeagleBoard Black

Hello Group: Please bear with me, as I’m really new to BeagleBoards, I’ve been having a heck of time following the basic getting started instructions and making them work or do what they
say is supposed to happen. I’m not really new to embedded systems, as I’ve done quite a few hardware and software designs with Power PC architecture over the years, but this little
wizard of a device has me baffled when it comes to the “bring up documentation”. First off, I’m using a Windows XP machine to access the BeagleBoard Black using USB and the Ethernet Connection on board. The very first time I tried powering up the board I seem to remember it responding as per the getting started script on the website, but I’m not really sure. Right now I can use FireFox to get into the board via the Ethernet connection. I don’t have the serial to USB cable just yet so I can’t SSH or Telnet into the board on the serial port. I’ve downloaded the Win32 drivers for the board per the getting started instructions. First Question: If I have only the USB connection should I see the board as a storage device or drive? If I should that is a problem I am having. What I do see after plugging in the USB cable, after waiting for the board to come up, is that in windows Explorer ( the file manager) I do see another drive added but if I try to display its contents by clicking on the drive,
(drive M: in my case) nothing at all happens within Windows Explorer. There is also no recognition that a USB was even plugged in, within the Icon Notification area of Windows. Second Question: Is there a more detailed document or wiki that details the bring up sequence? I’ve been looking around the support sites referenced on, and have not seen anything that might help.
If anyone is up to it I can do a WebEx session. Thanks, Regards, Karin

Well, any chance you can convert this to a few paragraphs? Maybe a question in separate paragraphs? I am getting headache trying to read this post.

You can also try the support Wiki.


Hi Karinann,

First of all install drivers which is find @ web page, download and setup 32-bit installe for XP OS.
Secondly only plug usb cable and open firefox explorer ( better than others- dont use internet explorer ) and type .If you have already installed the drivers corretly, you will be inside of the board.You should follow the next steps which is shown on the web page.


29 Ekim 2013 Salı 01:58:16 UTC+2 tarihinde karinann yazdı:

I was able to re-flash the on board memory, and now have the board up and running. Can SSH into the board. Question: What is the latest version of the board image? I’m not totally sure I have the latest image.

It is on the support Wiki. 9_4


Is that the “official” image (and URL for images) we should be using (2013.09.04)? On, the link is still to 2013-06-20 image (or is that link just not updated?)

Uh, yes. I just sent you the link to it.

That other link is never kept up to date. Use the support Wiki.