Problems connecting to a beaglebone

I tried the update process. I’m unclear as to which button is the USER/BOOT button. I see three, two being labeled RESET and POWER, so I assume USER is S3, located by the uSD slot. With the imaged uSD card inserted, I held down S3, powered the device, and released S3. The user LEDs didn’t start flickering, so I assumed it was imaging it. I left it over night. The four user LEDs never lit up like they were supposed to, so in the morning I unplugged the device and connected it to my computer via USB. Now nothing shows up. The user LEDs do their flickering thing and I can’t seem to trigger the imaging process again.

There is a full color picture of board showing the location of the button on the first page of the wiki.


Hold the button until the you first see the lights start blinking then release. If the imaging process is working you will see it eventually lighting the LED for eMMC access as well as the LED for SD card access and lots of blinking on the CPU LED. Take a few seconds after it boots for the process to begin. (Refer to the Wiki for which led is which) If the LEDs are all dark, then you can leave it there till the sun burns out and it will not get the image to eMMC.