problems with opkg update for Angstrom

Does anybody know why the site:

doesn’t respond?

Actually there is an error 502 Bad Gateway when I try to update the Angstrom. I tried to visit the site in Windows but the effect is the same.

Plz help!


You are not alone !

Same problem on this thread:!msg/beagleboard/mR1rJpQKjTA/Ritrs-OiP4oJ

Have seen a suggestion for this alternate feed, but don’t suppose it will work for all:


Yes I’m seeing this too.

opkg update not working as a result too

As you can see by a post on the website, a disk was lost, but repairs
are being made:


I don’t know if anyone is still using Angstrom on BBB but for me the following was useful.

Beacause of the feed server was unreachable I desided to change the opkg repository lying in the /etc/opkg/ directory: is an alternative repositry so change every config file in the directory exept arch.conf. For exaple beaglebone-feed.conf

src/gz beaglebone


src/gz beaglebone

in my case this is v2012.12 because the kernel version was 2012v - you can check that by

more /etc/angstrom-version

To do so you should use VI or my favourit Nano text editor (much simpler)

Greetings from Germany


It’s no wbeen thre months that the disk was lost. Any progress on fixing it?