Problems with USB Wireless "Read to find my solution"

Hello Group,

I am just starting in this great community of Embedded systems. I am
working on a Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) using a BeagleBoard
(BB) as our main computer. I started working with BB a few months ago
and I love it.

I want to share an alternative to USB Wireless devices. I had a lot of
trouble getting a USB wireless working with my BB. After reading
different articles I found out a solution to my problem.

An ASUS WL-330gE Multi- Functional Wireless AP - which is an portable
(AP, Ethernet Adapter, Gateway, Repeater 4 mode) for $42.00 - $49.00
on average.

This little guy can be powered with any USB port. What does it mean.
It means that you can use one port from your USB Hub to power the ASUS
portable AP.

I am using the Ethernet mode to connect my BeagleBoard to my Internet
connection. In this way all you have to do is to have an USB-to
Ethernet to connect the Asus AP to the BeagleBoard.

No extra configuration necessary on the BeagleBoard side (e.g. no
loading extra drivers or patches.) All you need is a currently
ethernet port talking to the internet in your BeagleBoard.

The interface for configuring your Asus AP is very simple an easy.

I am please to inform that I had had no problems with my BeagleBoard
and Asus AP. Please feel free to ask any questions on my setup.

Thank you,