Programming Beaglebone Blue

Hello All,

Good morning !!! I am starting to work with Beaglebone blue. Based on the example programs, I have modified the existing ‘c’ code to control a servo motor. I like to know how the python implementation can be made for the same program. There are some special functions like “rc_send_esc_pulse_normalized_all” which is written and used for c program. I dont know how exactly to extend this function for python.

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Venkatachalam Srinivasan

A suggestion here for python is to checkout the git Repo at -

If you have a recent image you’ll find the rcpy source already on the Bone. Look in /opt/source/rcpy/examples.


root@beaglebone:/opt/source/rcpy/examples# python
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 8, in
import rcpy
ImportError: No module named ‘rcpy’