Programming eMMC With 3.8 Angstrom Image

I seem to have just createdcreated a nice Angstrom image for my BeagleBone Black, and created an micro SDcard image for it. I do not think the image has any special files on it for eMMC flashing. I do want the eMMC to flash with the console image. I put thecard into the BeagleBone's slot, held down the user boot buttonand plugged in the 5V power source. When the 4 user LEDs lit up, and then unlit, I released the user boot button.

My question is, will this be sufficient to program the eMMC?


Bob Cochran
new owner of revision A5B BeagleBone Black

I have no idea what you built. Most likely you built a kernel that boots for microSD and that is it. Such an image is used by the flasher SW to flash the eMMC.


I apologize, I'm not very clear. I created an Angstrom distribution, and now have the files shown below in this directory:

No it will not. The link I sent you has a link at the top of the page that might help.