Project execution rewards are just one reason you should give a 5 minute talk over the phone on Tuesday, Nov 17

This is a call for participation for all of the on-going project in the upcoming eTech Day Community Lightning
Talks on November 17th. [1]

I believe the PicoFlamingo was the only sponsored project to present
at the Aug 27 lightning talks, and they got a Zoom-2 for their
efforts. All the videos from the that event are now up on YouTube
[2], including Gnome, Ubuntu, the Always Innovating Touch Book, the
OSWALD UMPC, DSP-accelerated GStreamer, portable HAM and open SDR, the
PicoFlamingo presentation system, the DM355 LeopardBoard, and more.

Topics already registered for the upcoming event on Nov 17 include
XBMC on ARM, open source Symbian, Android, Ogg Theora on DSP,
DSP-accelerated VLC, the OMAP-L138 HawkBoard, WinCE, and interfacing
Beagle with LCDs. The DVB-T team has already signed up. Don't be left

If you aren't sure how to participate, watch the video for first
presentation now. [3]