Project idea

Hello BeagleWorld!

My name is Razvan-Andrei Stoica and I am a third year student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Jacobs University Bremen. I first heard of the BeagleBoard initiative last summer from my colleague Vlad Victor Ungureanu. At that time, I was doing an internship at Dolby Laboratories Nuremberg on streaming and capturing raw bytes through various interfaces of comercial and professional sound cards in the context of real time synchronization of test signals for devices under test. Naturally, Vlad’s mention of the BeagleBone scope attracted my attention. Given my background, I started to look more and more into the BeagleBoard projects.

Since I am graduating at the end of this year and since I would like to continue my education at the Master level, I would like to take part in the GSoC14 as I feel that my software developing skill set can benefit greatly from such an experience. Moreover, considering my interests and my background, I also feel that joining a project under the BeagleBoard scope will complement this experience both at the hardware and at the theoretical levels.

As I have gone lately through some of the current and past projects of BeagleBoard within and outside GSoC, I have come across the ECE 497 BeagleBone PRU course of M. Yoder. In the project list of the course I saw that the Kinect project is repeating during consecutive years for some time now. Considering my research interests, I believe that the machine vision problems can be tackled with a core tool of machine learning algorithms based on Neural Networks which are able to autonomously detect objects under a proper training mechanism. In the end, this may well prove to be a generic way to port some other machine learning related problems to the BeagleBone. At this point, this is a rough idea outside the topics already presented under the ideas section of BB within GSoC14.

Therefore, I would like to know whether this project is of interest to you in order to pursuit a project proposal on this topic or whether I should redirect my attention to one of the proposed ideas?

Best regards,