prototyping - newbie


I understand (as TI say on their Wiki) that the beagleboard is not
intended for production, so how would a prototype system built on a
beagleboard be converted to a production ready design?


ec :slight_smile:

It is open source hardware. All of the information is provided. You can build as many as you want and do whatever you want to with it.We just do not want people buying Beagles and putting them into products.



You could try using IGEPv2 board which you could buy as many as you
want and are very similar to Beagleboard.
There should be also some other vendors of Beagleboard clones.



I am in the process of organizing a build of a drop in
replacement for the Beagle classic. Send me a PM if you are
looking to solve the production problem (or want to do mods).