PRU c compiler

Is the PRU c compiler free now? Can you use it without purchasing CCS6?

Has been since it started shipping. The TI C compiler is free and ships in the BeagleBone images to run on the ARM processor. There is a project to support the PRUs with GCC and it seems to be working reasonably, but hasn’t been worked to push upstream. Google should fill in the details for you.

In addition to what Jason says. The CGT compiler that ships with CCS can be take out of CCS and used alone. However there is a download page, that has standalone binary installs for Linux, Windows, and ARM Lilnux.

Also, I remember reading something “bad” about the gcc PRU compiler. By bad, it’s something about inconsistency in code output or something similar to that. So personally, I’d avoid it if possible. Which is a shame for me, as I prefer gcc based tools :confused: