PRU GPIO device tree overlay ineffective?

Hey all,
I had recently set up the PRU on the BBB to light up an off-board LED using P8_11 as an output pin controlled through the 15th bit of the r30 register (on PRU0).
I used the device tree overlay generator found here:
This worked fine using “set r30, r30, 15” in the PRU assembly code.
It has since stopped working.

I have gone into the files made for the device tree and checked them for accuracy and recompiled the device tree as well.

Interestingly, if I go into /sys/class/gpio/gpio45 (after exporting gpio45), cat direction says in.
Obviously, after compiling the device tree to use this pin as an output, this is unexpected.

If I echo out > direction and echo 1 > value, I can turn on the LED, so the pin is functional.

Has anyone had trouble similar to this?
I suppose I may be forgetting some crucial step to allow functionality of the control register r30.