PRU IEP interrupt example

Full code at:

Also for example of using PRU IEP see:

Here is the p code:

//iepx.p   -  set up IEP interrupt on CMP0 hitting compare value.
//            toggles pin p9.31 -  attached to r30.t0 - mode 5 output
//            Depends on call linux program to initialize the INTC 
.setcallreg r2.w0  //  Going to use r30
.origin 0
.entrypoint TB
       set r30,r30, 0         //turn on 
       jmp ISET                //this is the routine to setup

       ldi r17,0             // init loop counter
       call RSET             // routine to clear & enable interrupts

       qbbc TB2,r31.t30     // spin here for interrupt
       xor r30,r30,1        //toggle
       call RSET            // clear, enable
       add r17,r17,1        //loop counter
       qblt TB9,r17,50      //loop 50 times
       jmp TB2

TB9:    //  exit point 
       mov r31,35          //trigger host interrupt for Linux

ISET: //  This section is to initialize the interrupts


       mov r14,0xFFFFFF           //For CMP0, compare trigger
       sbco r14,c26,0x48,4
       mov r14,0x3                // enable CMP0, and enable
       sbco r14,c26,0x40,4        // counter reset on event
       mov r14,0x1
       sbco r14,c26,0x44,4        // clear status for CMP0
       lbco r14,c26,0x4,4
       sbco r14,c26,0x4,4         // clear GLOBAL status, overflow
       mov r14,0x111              // enable IEP counter, inc 1
       sbco r14,c26,0,4


//            map SysEvent to Channel 0, leave 16 - 23 alone set by Linux
       mov r15,0x400            //set up Channel map
       mov r14,0x09090909       // first map all unused events to
       sbco r14,c0,r15,4        //  Channel 9
       mov r15,0x408
       sbco r14,c0,r15,4
       mov r15,0x40C            // skiping offsets 410 & 414, they
       sbco r14,c0,r15,4        // were set by the C program via prussdrv
       mov r18,0x43C            // end for loop
       mov r15,0x414            // start -4 for loop
       add r15,r15,4
       sbco r14,c0,r15,4
       qbgt TB43,r15,r18
       mov r14,0x00090909       // map SysEvt 7 to channel 0
       mov r15,0x404            // now do 404, which has the
       sbco r14,c0,r15,4        // entries for 4,5,6,7

//   Done with Channel Map, Host Interrupt Map now
           // Host Interrupt 0 - 3 were setup by Linux   

       mov r14,0x09090909       // map channels 4,5,6,7 to Host Int 9 
       mov r15,0x804
       sbco r14,c0,r15,4
       mov r14,0x00000909       // map channel 8 & 9 to Host Int 9
       mov r15,0x808
       sbco r14,c0,r15,4

       ldi r15, 0x24             //clear all events
       call ALLEVT

       ldi r15,0x28              // enable all events
       call ALLEVT
       jmp TB1

RSET:  // Routine to clear & enable system events, also host interrupts
       mov r24,r2           // Save return address
                            // so can call ALLEVT
       lbco r14,c26,0x4,4   // clear GLOBAL_STATUS
       sbco r14,c26,0x4,4
       lbco r14,c26,0x44,4  // clear CMP_STATUS
       sbco r14,c26,0x44,4
       lbco r14,c26,0x44,4
       mov r15,0x24         //  to clear system event
       call ALLEVT
       mov r15,0x28         //  to enable system event
       call ALLEVT

       mov r2,r24            // restore return address
ALLEVT:  //Insert the system envent in the proper INTC register
         // register r15 must have the register offset
         // will only work with registers that take the event number
         // if you want to handle multiple events, just add 
         //   ldi r14,"sys event no."
         //   sbco r14, c0 ,r15,4

       ldi r14,0x7
       sbco r14, c0 ,r15,4

Added example using two compare match interrupts to toggle the pin. CMP0 match sends interrupt and resets the counter. CMP1 match sends an interrupt.

Thanks a lot for this, friend. Can I ask where you sourced this information? The TRM is a little sparse on the topic of using the PRU as an ethernet controller, and I can’t seem to find any other good sources.