PRU Software Getting Started, Frequency Meter

Hi everybody,

After some test by using python or bonescript, it seems that i’m not able to measure the frequency of a square waveform faster than 150Hz.

So, i decided to work with PMU.

As i’m easy to work with Microchip microcontroller, i thought it will be easy to work with PMU for this little exercice.

The problem is that i find some information that used Assembly code, but example are old.

What are the up to date tool to use to start with PRU C developpement.

Is there a clear tutorial on which tool to install and step to follow to make the first programm using PMU?

I also tested by using Cloud9 but i dont’t have the PRU Exmple like on the videi in the PRU section of the BBB website.

Thanks a lot for your help cause i’m little bit stuck before any typing code :smiley: