PRU : which kernel version choice


I’m currently trying to configure the PRU, I have tried several things. However it was not successful.
So I would like to know if the PRU is working on the v4.1.18-bone20 or the v4.1.19-bone20 of the kernel,
and if someone have made some successful test on it ?
And if not, which (recent) version should I use ?

Thanks by advance

I am using 4.1.20-bone-rt-r20, and no chance so far.

If you manage to get PRU working, I would be grateful if you inform me.

I just tried the version 4.1.21-bone-rt-r20 of the kernel and for me it’s work for me.
I figured this out from this post :!topic/beagleboard/p8aD2oXe9Ks

So you have to use the version version 4.1.21-bone-rt-r20 and superior or the v4.1.18-ti-r56 and superior.
Please post it if it’s also work for you. Thanks

Enjoy !

Do you get an error message when you try to run something? A segfault?

Also, are you sure you have the right device tree overlay?