Public release of Beckon gesture recognition and natural user interface SDK 2.4 for BeagleBoard-xM

I just got this release notice from the Omek folks. You can read more
about it at [1].

Gesture recognition and Natural User Interface applications open up an
entirely new way for people to interface with their environment and
related applications. I have heard many and increasing requests on
how to support motion tracking on the BeagleBoard platform, using
cameras such as the Microsoft Kinect. With the availability of the
Omek Beckon™ Development Suite, BeagleBoard Edition, it is possible to
have some formal support for this popular activity. This SDK,
developed by our partner, Omek Interactive, is a full-featured set of
middleware and tools that enables you to quickly and efficiently
deploy full-body gesture and tracking interfaces in your applications
and devices, for operation at ranges from 1.5 to 3.5 meters.

Omek ported and optimized their Beckon™ Development Suite to run on
the 1GHz DM3730 SoC that is the heart of the BeagleBoard-xM. The core
Beckon engine runs on the BeagleBoard’s DSP, freeing up the ARM and
GPU for you to run your motion tracking and gesture-based
applications. The Beckon BeagleBoard-xM Edition offers two modes –
upper-body only or full-body tracking – and also includes the Beckon
NetServer sample, which allows the Beckon gesture engine to interact
with applications running on other host processors, connected via
Ethernet, for distributed gesture processing. This optimized SDK is
ready for your use as a free, non-commercial release. This edition of
Beckon works with the Microsoft Kinect, ASUS Xtion Pro, and Pasonsic
D-Imager cameras.

The Beckon SDK is available for immediate download from Omek’s
website: This release is still
in beta so be sure to provide feedback on how to improve the offering
through Omek’s online Support Forums.