Pull request for BoneScript 0.2.3


Please accept this update to BoneScript to version 0.2.3:


Key updates:

This support is still somewhat preliminary, but I need more testing to discover any issues and I know many people could use this functionality. You can look at examples of using the functions at:
https://github.com/jadonk/bonescript/blob/master/test/test-i2c.js - Reads the on-board EEPROM, but misses the first byte. Still trying to resolve this issue.

https://github.com/jadonk/bonescript/blob/master/test/test-serial.js - Performs loopback between UART1 and UART4.

Pull request:

The following changes since commit 031adc9954cc2f70400ef7c60eb2d6a08bb83c86:

wired_basic_test: fixed syntax error (2013-06-18 14:12:31 -0400)

are available in the git repository at:

git@github.com:jadonk/bonescript tags/0.2.3

for you to fetch changes up to 303d0e803df5edc0d71b1f3d0a4b1a0005164958:

getPinMux: fixed a parser bug (2013-08-15 09:30:00 +0000)