Pull-up resistors - BeagleBone Black Revc

Maybe this is a stupid question, but I can’t seem to find an answer.

Are external pull-up resistors required on the SDA & SCL I2C lines or are the pull-ups built into the BeagleBone Black’s embedded CPU?

Watching this video (only partly watched so far), we are presented with a diagram showing external pull-up resistors. This is however a BeagleBone White if that makes any difference.

Thank you for your time.


There are both pull-up and pull-down resistors available internally.
Assuming they
are correctly enabled I guess they would be good enough for I2C,
though of course
you're stuck with the fixed values they provide.


You can check the schematics for the location of the resistors. If they are not there, then they are needed to be added when those pins are to be used as I2C externally.


Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate your help.