Purchase original Beaglebone (white)

I’d like to know if anyone knows where I can still purchase an original Beaglebone, the one with the DDR2 memory?
I’d even be willing to purchase a used one so long as it is still functioning.

Baring being able to get my hands on one I’d be interested know if anyone has data on total board power for the original Beaglebone vs the Beaglebone black. TI has posted some data that suggests that their original AM3355x EVM board with DDR2 RAM consumed significantly less power than the newer boards with DDR3 RAM but it’s unclear to me if they were measuring total board power or just the processor.

Matt S.

Just to follow up my own question, I was able to get an original BeagleBone with the DDR2 memory (thank you Gerald).

And to answer my other question it does consume less power than the BeagleBone Black, approximately 20-25mA less.

Matt S.

BBB has twice the memory.


Just to not open a new post.
Is the Beaglebone White discontinued?
It is really hard to find any unit in stock.


Why you want one!? Black is a much better deal.

I’ll tell you what, buy me 2 Blacks and I’ll give you a white :wink:

Special Computing still stocks BBW

If a distributor places and order we will ship them boards. We will not make these boards and ship them without an order.

As you can see, Special Computing placed and order, we made them, and then we shipped them.