Purchasing from IDA Systems

Hi there fellow Beaglers,

I purchased 3 beagleboards RevC3 last week from IDA Systems. It was an
interesting purchasing experience, I feel a need to share the details
in case anyone else wants to know what to expect. I called IDA systems
and initially talked to someone who didn't understand me, then luckily
got Zoheb, who promised to get me an invoice and did. 3 beagleboards
with DHL shipping, 447 Euro, inclusive of 90 Euro for shipping to
Malaysia. I needed to do a demo urgently and arranged the telegraphic
transfer (TT) of funds.
Jan 5th, TT completed.
Jan 6th, contacted IDA to verify that they had received the funds and
to get the airwaybill or tracking number.
Jan 6th, Zoheb says will send tracking.
Jan 8th, still no tracking number, mailed Zoheb asking again for
tracking number and confirmation that funds were received.
Jan 8th, got mail from Zoheb saying board will be shipped tomorrow and
tracking number will be sent to me.
Jan 9th, nothing so sent Zoheb an eager request for tracking number again.
Jan 10th, nothing.
Jan 11th, nada.
Jan 12th, hmm, not very happy, sent urgent mail to Zoheb asking what
the problem was. CCed Rakshat whose email I found on the beagle
mailing list.
Jan 12th, got DHL tracking number from Rakshat and they had shipped it
on Jan 9th. Felt a lot better.
Jan 13th, got the boards in good condition! Yay. Tested all 3 boards,
SD cards, serial console and usb ethernet working fine.

Okay, I would be happy to do business with IDA again but I would have
had a lot less stress if they had provided the tracking number as soon
as it was shipped. It would also be great if Beagleboard found a
partner in South India via Bangalore or Chennai as that regional
shipping hub seems faster than the New Delhi route. Hope these
observations help somebody.

Best regards,

Hi Jaya,

how did you pay for the Board? to where you got it shippped, how much
is the shipping charge?

Thanks in advance.

Kumar, what about reading Jaya's message. It answers all your questions ....