purpose of BBB/BBGW AIN7 connection?


What is the purpose of the resistor divider connected to AIN7? What software is dependent on this, if any?

Is this only a convenient connection to quickly test ADC functionality? I find no mention of AIN7 here, e2e.ti.com or on the web that convincingly indicates otherwise.

I realize AIN requires 1V8 maximum, hence the divider given the 3V3 input.

I’d like to use AIN7 as general purpose ADC of thermistor.

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David McRell

Use it for what ever you like. Just keep in mind it would void the warranty on the board.


It might be better to just use a pin multiplexer, then use AIN1-6. We did
that for one of our projects, and it works great. Also keep in mind that
this would not slow down reading from the ADC much, if at all. A simple
"line select" with a GPIO based multiplexer could be really fast.

Sorry, AIN0-AIN6, but you got the idea already hopefully. And just to be clear, you would only need one pf the ADC lines, not all 7.

Hello Gerald,

Thank you for your reply. Not worried about warranty here. Just checking for unknown dependencies.


Hello William,

Thank you for your reply. I didn’t even notice your ‘typo’ until you mentioned it. :slight_smile: Yeah, I understand what you are getting at. Thankfully, all AIN pin are not far under Sitara, so adding another trace doesn’t look too difficult.


It was there to allow the SW to detect whethe or not the external LDO was working, something that never made it into the vault of SW features.