Putty disconnects while on wi-fi and will not connect again unless I unplug and re plug BBB

Hi there forum group. I have configured BBB running on Edimax wi-fi with a 5 V power supply, all works when first power-up, I open the Putty and log in with my assigned static ip however when BBB disconnects because of (whatever or just a standard reboot request), BBB needs to be unplugged from power and re-plugged in before Putty will login and shows a the request timed out message? Is there a way to get BBB to login to Putty without having to do this?

I have looked extensively on the net but cannot find or recognize anything I can use and would be very pleased if this is something I can rectify.

Cheers a new noob.

Connect Putty to an FTDI serial cable and plug it into the console serial port.
That will never go away.
— Graham