PWM with Ubuntu

Hi, can I use the PWM with ubuntu ?
I found it: and
Can I i use it with ubuntu 11.10?
I have beagleboard xM.
How can I use it?
If I can't how I can use it with another distro ?

From what the README says, it looks like it runs on Angstrom right out of the box. The README also has a pretty in-depth instruction to make it work. Did you try it yet?

I have on my BB xM Ubuntu 11.10, Angstrom don't have internet terminal
(The browser navigate but opkg not) (there isn't eth0 but only usb0),
can i do the same thing with ubuntu ?
Ubuntu startup with OTG cable, Angstrom not.
I'm desperate because I have to do a project with dc motor and i don't
know how to do.

I use this method to build my Angstrom stuff and it has never failed me.

I haven’t done it for a while but I’m pretty sure to enable the lan port on a fresh Angstrom you need to use ifconfig from the terminal prompt. I don’t remember the exact details but I do remember on my BB XMrevB the lan port wasn’t on eth0.

As for Ubuntu I’d be surprised if there wasn’t millions of Google search results regarding PWM, and I don’t know because I never installed or used on my BB.

Correction, Google turned up “about 392,000 search results” when looking for Ubuntu PWM. Still though as I don’t even have authoritative knowledge on this topic, or pretty much any topic on this list, all I have to offer is what I’ve learned from countless hours of searching through my favorite library I refer to as :sunglasses:

Hi there Red Skull,

Did you manage to have PWM running in the BB-XM with any distro? If so, how did you do it?

I’m confused about how I have to set the OpenEmbedded variables and .conf files in order to do the “bitbake servodrive”…

Can you point me out what I have to do?