pycairo -- Graphics programming issues


I am currently in the process of crating a simple image viewer for one
of my experiments using the Pico projector development kit. With some
help from this group, I have decided on using Python to do the
graphics programming.
I don't seem to have Pygame in the version of Angstrom I have.
I do have Pycairo and Pygtk which I think should suit our needs.

However, there is a small hitch when using pycairo.
I am able to import pycairo and create a surface for my image, but I
am unable to display the surface on the screen.
I do a cairo.create_from_png to create a surface for the image. It
would be of help if you could let me know on what are the set of
commands to display the surface. I don't see any in the pycairo online
Do we need pygame to actually display images on the screen? And if so,
with pygame not already part of my version of Angstrom, is it fine to
just download and import the pygame frameworks onto my SD card housing
the Angstrom image?

Thanks a ton for your help and comments guys.