pygame cant install

I cant install python-pygame package on BBB…
anyone able to help me?? please…

It's available in Debian Wheezy/Jessie..

Care to expand on what error message you are seeing when trying to install it?


I m using angstrom…
i updated os , upgraded , updated time also, installee python opencv simplecv packages
then i m trying command, simplecv to get into simplecv shell
but it shows me error no module named pygame,
then by searching on forums I tries to install pygame, “opkg install python-pygame”.
but it shows me error, no module named python-pygame

Well since your running Angstrom, submit a patch to enable/build python-pygame..


How to submit patch to enable it, since I m a new to linux

Start here:


thanks Robert… gonna work

Hi Chirag,

You might not have noticed Angstrom is no longer the preferred linux distribution to use.

I would strongly recommend using a recent Debian based image.