Qi, an alternative choice for loading kernel on beagleboard

Hi all,

Like the subject, beagleboard is supported in Qi bootloader.
My blog has detailed information:


Qi can provide:
        - Faster booting time
        - Simplify the requisite bootloaders
        - Get rid of flash on display device as getting into kernel

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There is 128 KB limitation on MLO file for MMC Card with FAT
filesystem, so Qi as simplified boot loader is still useful.
See also: [Configuration Header: No more x-loader for NAND boot]

Jim Huang (jserv)

We at 0xlab made a video demonstrating the recent projects that we are
working including Qi boot loader:

As far as we can see, boot time from hardware reset to Linux
user-space reduction could benefit from the
approach of using Qi, a new lightweight boot loader (only 1 stage
required), by simplifying boot sequence
and avoiding doubly hardware initializations. For example, there is
no LCD flicking with Qi comparing to the
one booted by original u-boot.

Jim Huang (jserv)

Hi Guys,

I’m now trying to build the latest 0xdroid for Beagleboard.

I download the latest source from Git and follow the “how to build” section from the wiki

but I still get some error and the compile failed , I can’t get much information about 0xdroid,

and I’m not familiar with android that much, so I’m asking for your help here:-)

the output is like below, hope someone can give me some idea:

build/core/product_config.mk:261: WARNING: adding test OTA key