qmediaplayer and slow video playing error

hi. first am sorry for my poor english. i am newbie on qt and beagleboard. i tried to run qt’s mediaplayer example on qws. i compiled qt 4.6 branch [1] with “-opengl es2 -openvg -plugin-gfx-powervr -D QT_NO_QWS_CURSOR -D QT_QWS_CLIENTBLIT” parameters but when i run this example with “-qws -display powervr”, video plays very slowly (1 frame in 3-4 seconds and no sound, cpu usage 100%). i am using angstrom image (Angstrom-Beagleboard-demo-image-glibc-ipk-2009.X-stable-20090612–beagleboard.rootfs.tar.bz2) and i installed all libgles-omap3- packages. i followed instructions in this web page [2]. hellogl_es2 examlpe, animatedtiles example or mediaplayer example, none of them works correctly. cpu usage is always 99%. please help me
[2] http://labs.trolltech.com/blogs/2009/11/20/building-qt-to-make-use-of-the-beagle-boards-sgx-gpu/