QT app on BeagleBone Black Rv C with the pre-installed Debian Linux and 4D Systems | 4DCAPE-43


We currently industrialize a new product to replace an older version.
It is intended for industry.

We are seeking a panel pc with a processor sitara cheap and reliable, to provide an interface between the user and the machine.
For the prototype, we are using the touchscreen 4D Systems | 4DCAPE-43 with the B****eagleBone Black Rv C with the pre-installed Debian Linux.
We are developing a QT application for this system.
This QT application is running fine with a mouse.
Unfortunately, the touchscreen operates erratically and we struggled to find a solution
For sure, this is not an hardware problem.
If necessary we can even give up QT and Debian to find a more sustainable solution.

Can you point me to a solution ?

Best regards

Please, define: "erratically"


In fact, it is as if the QT application does not have calibration parameters and thus the cursor does not follow the finger.
I think the problem comes from the calibration but I can not find much about it on the Debian system which has replaced Angstrom