Qt/X11/BeagleBoard build error with "-opengl es1cl" backend


I’m not able to build Qt with X11 backend for “-opengl es1cl” profile.
Qt/X11 build and run fine with “-opengl es2” profile though.

I was trying building Qt with PowerVR provided Graphics SDK as well as with our in-house OpenGL ES 1.x SDK.

I’m able to build Qt/QWS with “-opengl es1cl” profile in both the cases but in Qt/X11 case it gave me the following build error:

This is a pretty big "Whoops" on my part! Sorry about that. Could you please
raise a task on the bugreports.qt.nokia.com tracking system and send me the ID
via private mail? I'll try to get a fix in for 4.6.1 (though it might be 4.6.2
now). Or, even better, create a branch on qt.gitorious.org, fix it yourself
and submit a merge request. Should be pretty easy to fix - I suspect there's
an include in qpixmapdata_x11gl_egl.cpp which is assuming GLES2 is present
which needs to be protected with defines.

FYI, OpenGL ES 1.1 Common Lite (The fixed-point profile) is pretty old and
support will be removed from Qt in 4.7. See the bottom of