Query: 3.8 Kernel: RT Linux

Hi folks

Has anyone in the community ported RT linux patch [1] onto beaglebone
for 3.8 kernel? Or is currently using RT-linux on beaglebone?

On googling, this project from piat jonathan is an empty project:

This attempt i see someone ported RT patch to PandaBoard:

Any direction is much appreciated.


[1] https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/projects/rt/3.8/

Anyone has any feedback on the the RT patch for BBB?

The RT & Xenomia guys i talked to where still complaining about 3.8.x
moving too much, but now that it's tagged EOF* by greg k, with
v3.8.13, there's plenty of time for them to catch up! :wink:

For new kernel users, this just means greg k won't be releasing an
official v3.8.14+...