Query regarding Beagle Board


I am interested in using the Beagle Board in one of my projects. I
want to know which codecs are supported by the board for real-time
encoding, and what is the maximum video resolution that can be
encoded. Any numerical values on end-to-end latencies would also be

Secondly, what are possible alternatives to interface a 480 Mb/s bit
pipe with the board such that there is no throughput bottleneck. I had
a look into the manual.. the board supports SDIO 1.1 (max 200 Mb/s).
There is no PCIe slot. Apparently, USB 2.0 comes as the only possible
solution. Any other way possible?

Looking forward to a quick answer.



Hello Abhishek!

As far as I know the OMAP3 is able to encode NTSC in realtime. Encoding of 720p is theoretically possible, but the codec is still under development (and will be). Decoding on the other hand works already with 720p.

But maybe you want to invest some time in DSP assembly programming?