Question about Beagle Board Pinmux configuration and the patches from u-boot source.

Hello everybody.

I have been working with beagleboard since last months. At this
moment, i have installed the Openembedded enviroment ( Angstrom ) for
beagle board . Now my task is enable the MMC2 pins, McBSP3 pins, and
the I2C2 pins on the Expansion Header of Beagle Board rev C2. I have
read through some documents and i found out the easiest way to
configure those pins is to change the pinmux setting in the file git/
board/ti/beagle/beagle.h. Here are the steps which i did:

1. Use the command bitbake -f -c compile to compile the
source code.
2. change the pinmux setting in beagle.h to enable the MMC2, McBSP3
and I2C2.
3. bitbake -f -c deploy to create u-boot.bin image file.
4. Copy u-boot.bin to BOOT partion of SD card and boot the beagle

But then i found out there are some patches in the folder u-boot_git/
beagle that can overwrite the file beagle.h (for example OMAP3-beagle-
add-more-expansionboards-based-on-http-.patch). So my question ist :
Do i need to delete those patches to prevent them changing my pinmux
setting? Or is it better when i make my own "pinmux.patch" ? because i
still haven't found the way to test whether my configuration correct

Some people said there is another way to configure the pinmux is using
the pinmux tool from TI, and change the mux.h as well as the pinmux.h.

I'm very confused now beacause there are different ways to configure
pinmux. So i don't know which method i should use. I'm a newbie in
Beagle Board, so i don't have much experience. Can someone help me? I
really appreciate that.