Question about BeagleBoneBlack

I’ve been reviewing the preliminary information about the next-gen BeagleBone. If I understand things correctly, there will no longer be support for serial port debugging via the client USB port. I see that there is a new serial debug header next to the P9 connector, and that the system manual recommends the purchase of a cable in order to get USB access to the serial debug. Can this cable be used if any capes are installed? It doesn’t look like there’s enough clearance for the cable connector to fit. If not, how would we debug custom kernels with capes installed? Will an HDMI monitor and USB keyboard be necessary for this?


You can either bend it over, no it will not void the warranty!!!, use the one from Adafruit, or use the adapter board that will be available soon.



Will the BeagleBone Black include the same PRU with dual RISC cores as the current A6 generation?

It is the same processor.


No native camera port. It is an upgraded processor of the one used on the BeagleBone.


on Ti website I have noticed am335x has 800MHz and 1GHz available now and support DDR3 ram upto 800MHz, my distributor told me Ti will sell 800MHz for the same price as 720MHz ones.

That is my understanding as well.


Yes, and as you say they are indeed overclocked if you run them that fast. The device on the Black is not. So, it it fails to work over 720MHZ, please do not try and request an RMA.


might there be a revision of the regular beagle bone to upgrade it's
silicon to the 1ghz variant? say a rev A7?


looking here:
you can see that prices are different among all versions and prices
for 720MHz != 800

We have no plans to upgrade the BeagleBone to the new processor silicon at this time…