question about uart

i want to combine my beaglebone black with a GPS module .i am using the prebuilt-images from ti-sdk-am335x-evm- . I want to activate UART1 on my board to get GPS data. i am very new at i need some simple examples for using uart device driver.i also have some questions.

and i find there are many files in /dev,such as tty1,ttyS1,ttyOo(there is no ttyO1). i wonder which one is for UART1.

also root@am335x-evm:/dev# cat /proc/tty/driver/serial

serinfo:1.0 driver revision:

0: uart:unknown port :00000000 irq:0

1: uart:unknown port :00000000 irq:0

2: uart:unknown port :00000000 irq:0

3: uart:unknown port :00000000 irq:0

Go to the Adafruit forum and search for "Ultimate GPS, C programming

example to connect the Adafruit GPS to the BBB