[Question] Beagle Bone Black

Hi guys

First. I’m sorry … i can’t speak english very well… :slight_smile:

I Bought Beagle Bone Black

I Want to Serial (UART communication) in Linux Kernel not java script
(not Debug Serial Port) i want use in Header P8 or P9

but i can’t found it.

How am i use UART comunication in Linux Kernel

Please help me

Uart Wirling and some source please support me

you can open a schematic for the board or SRM document and find answer to all questions

What’s likely needed here is a couple things. The SRM will show what pins can be pinmuxed to what function of a given serial port. once one has that the specifics of how to set the pinmux from userspace under 3.8 are elsewhere. How does one set the pinmux under 3.8? following that what causes the proper device file to show up in /dev and what is it for a given serial port? from there the answer is just basic linux and not beagle specific. at that point it get’s pretty easy. Hopefully someone can help here as my bone is inaccessible at the moment.


So I have not tried this example out yet from the book “Bad to the Bone” for kernel 3.8 ( I would recommend getting it if you are new to embedded linux, BB, etc.) but I am about to when I get around to it…


I typed it in since I have not found if there is any of the book’s example code on the internet, but I am reproducing it here since the uart1.dts had the GPL header (hope that applies to all the book’s code, either way fair use for a little snippet?). So there is probably typos in it or zeros instead of oos - unbelievable that it is 2013 and it is hard as ever to discern 0Oo0 shame on all you computer people :slight_smile:

here is the device tree file, uart1.dts, read the comment headers for more info of specific interest is this. Like I said I have not yet tried this maybe in a few days when I finally get around to testing an xbee

To configure the UART first do:
# dtc -O dtb -o uart1-00A0.dtbo -b 0 -@ uart1.dts
# cp uart1-00A0.dtvo /lib/firmware/uart1-00A0.dtbo
# echo uart1 > /sys/devices/bone_capemgr.8/slots
/* Copyright (C) 2013 CircuitCo
 * Copyright (C) 2013 Texas Instruments

hi Ben Loftin,

i have tried de same procedure n code as given by u on my BBB the c code gets complied n generates .o
output file, but wen i run it there is a error sayin “binary file can’t be executable”… please could you help me cuz my pwm code also has the same error…!