Questions about Debian install for BB

Hi Robert,

My name is Ed Shen, and I'm a graduate student at York University in
Toronto, Canada. Sorry for emailing you directly, but I've just applied to
join the Beagle Board Google group, and once I'm approved I'll use that
rather than emailing you directly.

Not a problem, and adding beagleboard to cc for future users. :wink:

I've been reading a bunch of your posts about loading Debian onto the BB
(especially those from Ilkyoung). Thanks a lot for the wiki instructions.
I've managed to get to point where I've logged into a text screen with
'<username>@mo-jo:' prompt. I have a couple of questions now.

1. I tried to install Xorg as described in the "Notes" section of the wiki
I was wondering if an internet connection to the BB is required for this
step to complete. When I typed the command 'sudo aptitude install ...', the
install log seemed to indicated it could not get to the repository.

Normally Yes, you must have an Internet connection.. (however, there
are ways/methods to pre download the files, but xorg isn't that easy
with all it's dependencies... "dpkg")

2. I've got a usb-ethernet adapter (Sabrent USB 2.0 to Ethernet 10/100
Network Adapter NT-USB20). Are there any commands I have to run to set it

I'm not sure what chipset that uses, have you tried it in any other
linux based pc? Most USB based devices are well supported in linux..
Both Debian and Mojo use the same kernel as Koen's Angstrom
distribution, with pretty much every in kernel usb 'network' device
enabled. (wired/wireless/etc). With Debian and Mojo, it should be
auto setup at boot as eth0, just do an ifconfig to verify...