questions about searial-api for android-based beagleboard to read/write searilal pot

Hi, every friend

This is Jerry, and I am now working on a Android project based Beaglebone set, and I need to connect my android-based beagleboard with another equipment via serial port.

I downloaded the source code from the famous android-serialport-api:

Now, I can re-compile to get via Cygwin, and run this app on my android device. But the problem is: I want to try to receive the related data informatio after sending (HEX)FE 00 21 01 20 to the connected device via serial port, however I found this app only send 01010101…to device. Moreover, I the data received from the connected device via serial port would be sent to the backend through internet.

Therefore, I want to ask:

(Question1) I modified the code of “” to send what the message I want, but nothing I can see from the “Console” on the UI I am wondering whether it’s Ok? and How I can get and see the replied message?

(Question2)As for the android-based beagleboard, how to send those replied data information sent from the connected device to backend through internet(android device is connected with internet already)?

Greatly appreciate for any suggestions.

Thans a lot.