R62 MSECURE line on xM

I am having an issue accessing the RTC registers so I wanted to verify
the MSECURE line is indeed high. The problem is I can find R62 on the
PCB (the pull up on MSECURE) to probe it. It must be one of the
resistors that is not labeled. Can some one point it out on the PCB?

On second thought has anyone gotten the RTC working after populating
the RTC battery?

I suggest you download the allegro viewer (it is free) and the Allegro file for the board. As you have not said which board it is, just download the one that applies. That will help you find the resistor.

I was refering to the xM rev B board. Where are the design files


So I download the so called Allegro design file and unzipped it.
ctc063_nologo.brd ~5meg.

I also install the Allegro viewer which does not support a .brd

The viewer supports the .BRD file. I just used in 10 seconds ago. R63 is to the right off the sillkscreen “C109” just below L6 on the back of the board.


Got it. Seems it defaults to SIP viewer. Physical viewer works much