ramdisk image build instruction


In beagleboard google code project [1], I can find the instruction for
x-load, u-boot, kernel. But there is no instruction for the 8MB Ram disk
file system image. Could someone post the instruction on how that image
is built?


[1] http://code.google.com/p/beagleboard/wiki/BeagleSoftCompile

  # on the linux host
  mkdir workspace
  cd workspace
  gzip -cd 

On a related note: I would be most grateful, if someone could tell me exactly
what kernel boot args I need, if I want to use a larger root filesystem (say, I build
a 15M filesystem above such that I can add a few tools).
I attempted the obvious - but got a kernel panic when I tried to boot.



Guo Tang wrote:

Thanks for the info.

I am more interested in how to build rd.ext2-bin from source. I can
following busybox's instruction to build the busybox executable, and
use make install to create symbolic links for the console utilities.
But how the scripts under /etc/ and node under /dev are created? Do we
just create them one by one manually?


I suspect that 'bitbake minimal-image' will give you something very
close to what you want.