Ran out of memory on SD card

I am running Debian on my BBB and have a bootable 8G SD card but ran out of memory - I think it is because I did not partition or mount the card and when I burned the Debian image on the card, it was downgraded in memory. I am a real newbie!

I found these comments from 2013 and I am not sure this is still the way to go 3 years later. Can anyone confirm?

I am trying to find the easiest way of doing this. I’ve tried burning the image on to a 32G SD card but when I did the size of the SD card goes to the size of the image I burned in. I am confused on the process to create a bootable SD card with lots of storage for my other software.

your help will be greatly appreciated.


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Shae … I’m suddenly feeling very foolish. I just realized that although the BBB doesn’t recognize when a card is inserted into the on-board sdcard reader, it does have a USB port. So here is a very much simpler way to do what you want. I just tried it and it worked fine.

  1. Boot your BBB as normal
  2. Attach a USB microsdcard reader to the USB (using the normal USB Host connector, not the micro-usb you use to hook up to the computer). These are cheap and easily available … I see them at my local Frys for less than ten bucks from time to time.
  3. Insert your microsd card into the USB reader. It should be recognized on the BBB, usually as /dev/sda
  4. Make sure it is /dev/sda by doing: “fdisk -l” … I’ll assume its /dev/sda here, but you should use whatever you see on your system to make sure you arent overwriting the wrong thing :slight_smile:
  5. Copy the eMMC contents over to the sdcard like so:
    dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=/dev/sda bs=10M
  6. You’re done. This will be a bootable card, and the rest of the space is unused. You can use fdisk+mkfs to get it to look like you want.
  7. Unplug the sdcard from the reeader and plug it into the other end (sd reader built in to the BBB) and it should boot just fine.

I’m feeling a lot better about this now … I wish I had thought about the sdcard reader+usb sometime ago instead of messing with all those Mac commands!

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