Raspberry Pints

OK. EXTREME Noob here so please bear with me and use small words, spoken slowly!!

I’m a homebrewer, (i.e., beer). I bought a BBB a couple of months ago to play with and ultimately use for an automated brewery build but I got impatient and used other methods. So I now have a new BBB and came across another homebrew related project that I aspire to complete. Long story short, I’d like to find a way to use RaspberryPints, (http://raspberrypints.com/), code on my BBB. RaspberryPints is a digital taplist for kegerators written in Raspian. I have an upright freezer that will house 5 different beers and would like to use BBB to power it, (along with helping control the temp and providing security via a solenoid lock, but I digress).

My thought so far is that I need to install Debian, run Chromium and then I can install the RaspberryPints code with little to no alteration. Before I went through that learning curve, however, I was hoping one of you fine chaps/chap(ets) would give me your insight. Again, I’m a simpleton so feel free to lay it out as clearly as possible.

Much obliged!

Do you have the source code for “RaspBerrypints” ?


It’s available for download but I’m not sure how big it is.I tried to open it for a copy/paste but can’t find any logical code.
Open a web browser and navigate to https://github.com/RaspberryPints/RaspberryPints. Click the “Releases” button. The most recent version appears at the top. Click “Source Code (zip)” unless you already know that you want a previous version.

Did I mention I have a VERY steep learning curve here?

I found it too, Let me take a look.



I took a look at the zip file and it appears to be code that is designed to run with a web browser.

As opposed to C++ or some other compiled language.

Have you tried running it on a RasPi ?

Given the price of RasPi’s and the availability of BBB’s that is what I would do.

Good Luck.