RCN, any way to only download cross tools once?

Hi Robert,

If I use your various repos (e.g. bb-kernel, ti-linux-kernel-dev), and run the scripts to build the kernel, they each download their own copy of the tools. Is there any way I can tell the scripts to look in one place for the tools and not download them each time?


Create a system.sh file:


Thank you. I guess I need one of those in each repo? It seems the scripts unset CC.

You just have to set on up once and copy it to the rest.. Even a
variable for a common master source git directory if want to use it..



This is pretty awesome stuff, clearly you’ve been doing this a while :wink: So I was wondering, is there anyway without massively modifying the script here (system.sh or the rest) to use one of the tarballs instead of the master git tree ? Only reason why I ask, is that they’re considerably smaller to download, but it kind of does not seem easily possible.

I was also noticing the git bisect script . . . I definitely need to wrap my head around that. Currently though, I’m compiling from a 5G tmpfs . . . we’ll see how that works out.

Well that worked out better than I expected.

Script Complete
eewiki.net: [user@localhost:~$ export kernel_version=4.1.12-bone16]

real 21m13.262s
user 34m20.561s
sys 4m13.548s

I imagine if using real hardware this would be even faster :wink: