RCN are you listening - questions about pinmux, a newbies adventure with BBxM

First off, thanks to Brian Hensley and Robert Nelson for their wealth of information and support.

I am a retiree that, after a 30+ year stint building electronic/mechanical devices in the medical research field in a MS Windows centric university , thought that I would expand my horizons and decided to play with the BBxM. I am running Ubuntu 12.04 and have gotten to the point where I am ready to try and compile a u-boot.img in order to
set the pinmux values. I have downloaded and ran the TI Pinmux utility and have made the mux.h and pinmux.h files. I have the u-boot source file from denx.de and have expanded it and have found the board/ti/beagle and evm subdirectories.

I have read a lot of stuff on the internet but since things change daily I want to check on several things.
Bear with me if I am asking obvious questions but I am still learning to get around in the linux environment and I have seen conflicting info in various posts.

  1. Where in the tree do these files go? Do I need to make changes to evm.h?
  2. I have the spidev working that RCN made available via the uEnv.txt change uncommenting buddy = spidev. Will my changes to the pinmux affect this.
    i.e Do I have to set the SPI3 and SPI 4 pins as well as the I2C pins in the utility?
  3. Should I assume that the baseline that is given by the pinmux utility sets all of the proper pads for the correct functioning of the BBxM?
  4. Am I going dangerously wrong in any of this??? Have I missed anything?

I bought 3 BBxMs off of eBay and gave one to my buddy that just retired as Director of IT at the university where I worked. I had Ubuntu and lxde already running on the BB.
I told him the first one is free - just like crack, and yes he is addicted.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hope you didn’t pay too much!



Not bad. BBB would have been a better choice.


$50 for 3 BBxM boards ?

Can I get the link address ?

You are prolly right but I thought the xM would give me a bit more processing power, still learning.

They were on ebay $50 each and I got all they had. I am sure if you watch there will be more.

So I looked through everything again and I saw no where in the tree to put the files that where output from the pinmux utility.
So others have been Modifying the Beagle.h file( which I found) so can I add the following to the bottom of the beagle xm section in the beagle.h file.
MUX_VAL(CP(MMC2_DAT1), (IEN | PU | M4 )) /* gpio_133 /
MUX_VAL(CP(MMC2_DAT4), (IEN | PD | M4 )) /
gpio_136 /
MUX_VAL(CP(MMC2_DAT5), (IEN | PD | M4 )) /
gpio_137 /
MUX_VAL(CP(MMC2_DAT6), (IEN | PD | M4 )) /
gpio_138 /
MUX_VAL(CP(MMC2_DAT7), (IEN | PD | M4 )) /
gpio_139 /
MUX_VAL(CP(UART2_CTS), (IEN | PU | M2 )) /
gpt_9_pwm_evt /
MUX_VAL(CP(UART2_RTS), (IEN | PU | M2 )) /
gpt_10_pwm_evt /
MUX_VAL(CP(UART2_TX), (IEN | PU | M2 )) /
gpt_11_pwm_evt */
Then I should be able to cross compile the uboot and apply it to the SD card.


OK these lines added to beagle.h compiled

MUX_VAL(CP(MMC2_DAT1), (IEN | PTU | EN | M4 )) /* gpio_133 /
MUX_VAL(CP(MMC2_DAT4), (IEN | PTD | EN | M4 )) /
gpio_136 /
MUX_VAL(CP(MMC2_DAT5), (IEN | PTD | EN | M4 )) /
gpio_137 /
MUX_VAL(CP(MMC2_DAT6), (IEN | PTD | EN | M4 )) /
gpio_138 /
MUX_VAL(CP(MMC2_DAT7), (IEN | PTD | EN | M4 )) /
gpio_139 /
MUX_VAL(CP(UART2_CTS), (IEN | PTU | EN | M2 )) /
gpt_9_pwm_evt /
MUX_VAL(CP(UART2_RTS), (IEN | PTU | EN | M2 )) /
gpt_10_pwm_evt /
MUX_VAL(CP(UART2_TX), (IEN | PTU | EN | M2 )) /
gpt_11_pwm_evt */\

I put them at the bottom of the BBxM section. I will try them in a day or two and see if it works