RE: Add a new cape for BeagleBone


Yesterday, I’ve told you that I‘ve created a wiki page for my new cape IOTCape.

I’ve changed this wiki page to

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Pascal FIFRE


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Yes, you did. But I do not maintain that page. The people that do are listed there. I do not handle that page. I do not own that page. I cannot change that page to post your link.


Just a note for you.
Selling this in the USA requires you to get FCC approval.
It also requires you to get approval from the cell phone providers.
Its NOT cheap for approval.

Well somewhere in user manual it states something like “lab / experimentation use only . . .” Which i thought was odd in of its self anyhow. I wont be buying one.

That’s mean that all the capes appear on the wiki site have FCC approval and CE approval for European Country?

I apologize for my poor english. I admit that may sound strange. But, I would say that the capes are used to make prototypes and not a final product (consumer or industrial market). I will modify this in the manual.

when ever you connect a device to the cellular network in the USA they
the network operators require you to get your device certified.

Yes, I know of course, I’m working in consulting for the biggest Telco in France (who have already bought some IOTCape).
We have the same requirements for Europe and all the countries in the world have the same.

But, my cape doesn’t provide natively a modem. It provides a MiniPcie connector.
I suggest the use of some modems that work and have been tested on it.
All of these modems have been certified for the US (the manufacturers are Sierra wireless, Huawei and Telit).