RE: BBAI and Updating to Stop the Heat Transfer at


I was reluctant to purchase the BBAI at first b/c I have heard of issues w/ heat dissipation on the board and the chip. Anyway…

Long story, short. I bought it against my better judgement b/c I know everyone, in the BBB world, is supportive w/ nice ideas.


Has anyone else come across an issue w/ heat or a fix to the heat issue?


P.S. I might get rid of some of the extras that comes with this board but I purchased it for its functionality. I want to use the M4, TIDL, EVEs, and other
more complicated chips for fun! I was thinking I would finally learn to program the PRUs too. I am going to try to get rid of node-red, chromium, and
some other sockets and ports on the board. I think that these may cause services that I will not use ever.

If you are using the board, the BBAI, and you have had some similar issues and came up w/ a nice fix, please let me know. I would like to try all
or any relative sources of ideas to support the heat consumption on the board.


I did notice this from some prior posts and this was interesting:


P.S. Too complicated for me but it may work for you.

If you search the Beagle Boards you should find a number of postings regarding the heat issue with the BBAI.

Have you purchased a fan for it?

Hello…I found a fan here at my place, luckily. I did find some articles on the subject but nothing that would alleviate the heat completely.


P.S. I am just going to plug in a fan and see if things cool down.

I bought a USB powered fan which gives a very low airflow, but has kept everything cool to the touch.
I just have the BBAI on my engineering workbench anyhow, so I just wanted something simple and quiet.



Thank you for the idea. USB powered fans. I guess they make everything these days.


P.S. I was just going to power it from the sys_5v pin and GND on the BBAI. I guess there are many more ways to go about making things work than once thought.

Jason recently posted an update regarding the Fan Cape he is working on.
In the mean time, he recommended the Coolerguys USB fan that is listed in the BBAI FAQ:

Previously, the X15FANKIT was suggested but it requires wiring to 5v and grnd on the BBAI. I am using this and it seems to work fine for my BBAI. This does fit perfectly on the BBAI heat-sink and the provided screws work just fine.




Thank you for this update. I did update the board already as the link suggested. My fan was a 24v fan. I need to get another fan.


P.S. I might get the fan you have listed. Anyway, if anyone has any other ideas, shoot!


Just an update, if you run the temp. sensors onboard the AI and run the fan, on my end, you will receive a 38c or below temp. for the board chips and surrounding area.


P.S. Nice! Fans!

You mean, by running cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp ?


No…this fellow gave me a script to test for temp. continuously.



watch /opt/scripts/device/x15/


The output of ‘’ would really be helpful for those complaining about the heat. The update should stop it from overheating, at least in a room temperature environment. That doesn’t mean it won’t be hot to the touch… just not so hot that it will need to shutdown.

Can I get some more feedback on this?

Sorry for the VERY LONG delay on the Fan Cape. Chinese New Year recently entered the reasons for delay, but it is coming. The other big missing thing for BBAI is the Python Tensorflow library, which is also coming. I’ll be talking a lot more about BBAI once the two of those are out there.

Anyway, just running the update should give you a nice solution for running “regular” code. Please explain to me if that really isn’t the case.


My temps. were under passive on the AI. I had another script but that one is nice. I just found it via this page and then ran it on the AI.



Here it is:

I’m sure there’s probably a better thread, but this one is the first one that came up for me.

The Fan Cape is finally in stock at Newark:

Not sure when other distributors will have stock.

Did embest ever finalize the “eeprom” on these? adding to cart/order to test one right now…



Has the Tensorflow been able to be adapted to the board, BBAI, yet? I have been waiting patiently and thought, “Why not touch base?” So, there it is.


P.S. I saw the FanCape too. Nice. That will suit just fine.