RE: BBB and My Password and User Name

Hello There,

I am a newbie (as usual). I am just getting my BBB out and moving again. I got all the way to set my user name and password.

When I use the PUTTY Shell Client, I am getting an “Abort Screen.”

Sometimes the PUTTY Shell Client allows me to sign in and at other times the shell client goes directly to abort.

I think it has something to do w/ how many times I enter in the wrong password. I was using nano to set my user name and password but then before setting my password w/ my user name, I logged off.

The password I currently use is not for my user name and only for the “root.”

I am trying to get back to the nano screen to set up a new user name and password but I keep getting “Abort.” The shell client shuts down right away.

Please send help.