RE: BBGG RTC, Positive and Negative, and Address on .dtbo for the ds1340


I purchased the BBGG. I have been trying to configure the RTC onboard. I think I have come across some issues that have nothing to do w/ me but w/ my commands that are available for hwclock.

Outside of the hwclock commands:

  • Which wire is positive and which wire is negative on the BBGG vBat connector?

  • Is the ds1307 .dtbo file a good generic for using this RTC named a ds1340?
    I was going to attempt my first .dtbo file for the RTC. I have read some about .dts and compiling into a .dtbo file.

Now, I think I can use the template of the ds1307 for the ds1340. I am sure there are some differences but I can configure these in time.


P.S. If you are already using the RTC onboard the BBGG and would like to share, please do. Also, I have a, for ease of use, coin cell holder for use w/ learning onboard the RTC on the BBGG. The type is from Renata VBH2032-1. Mouser sells them and has the datasheets here: For the life of me, I cannot figure out what is positive and what is negative on these items. One two-sided side shows positive while the opposing side shows nothing. blah.