RE: [beagleboard] Beaglebone; CCSv5 Target Configuration Errors

New to this forum. Hope I’m in the right place.

Have installed Ubuntu and CCS5.1. Not using VMware. Compiler builds sample code and creates valid output files (using “hello world” example). We can run the Cloud9 demos so we feel the hardware is functional.

Cannot connect to any CCS debugger. We have copied the file bbone-target-config.ccxml to the target configuration folder. We now have two configuration ccxml files in the target configuration folder. We can access either of these files from the CCS target configuration dialog but neither configuration will connect.

The bbone-target-config.ccxml will not launch. Appears that it cannot find information on the xds100v2cortexA.xml.

Cannot use the Newtarget configuration.ccxml because there is no valid license for DataSnapShotDecoder or the xds560.
The error message is:
“License cannot be aquired.” “The CCS license that you are using only allows the following connection types:”
-XDS100 Class Emulators
-EVM/DSK/EZdsp kits with on board emulators
We are sure we have a configuration problem but have been unable to find the error. We have gone to E2E forum and found the same problems but there are no replies to the this type of problem.
Would appreciate any help or direction. Have perused every document on Beaglebone that we can find but no luck.

Al Bradford


I am not sure if you are using XDS-100v2 or XDS-560 debuggers.

  • If you are using the XDS-100v2, you can activate the free license from TI.
  • If you are using XDS-560, you have to buy the CCS5.1 from TI for valid license.

If your problem is either of the cases above, please go to the TI homepage and see the CCS product descriptions.



2012/3/22 Al Bradford <>