RE: [beagleboard] Cloud9 Blank White Screen

Yup, apperantly I’m still running the version it got shipped with. I’ll update as soon as my project is finished. I don’t have enough time left to afford the risk of a complete reinstall atm. I am glad we got to adress the issue though… and yes… I probably should have chekd for an update right away and prevented all of this in the first place… ah well. Thanks for all the information though… and that goes out to all of you :wink:

Well, we can get your cloud9 updated....

cd /opt/cloud9/build/

sudo mv standalonebuild backup


tar xf c9-core_3.0.1+git20150306-build.tar.xz

sudo reboot

If you need to go back to the old one:

sudo rm standalonebuild
sudo mv backup standalonebuild
sudo reboot


Above fix works like a charm. It does however gets you the errormessage that there is an old node.js version present. You can ignore this, but this gives you weird “Reconnect” errors and weird cloud9 behaviour.

You can fix this by following this link. (Warning… on the BBB this takes a VERY long time when you start to “make”. 2 hours+!)

After a quick reboot everything is functional again. (And yes… I’m still going to update in the future, but first things first :wink: )

Thanks again.

Odd . . . as it only takes around an hour to compile Nodejs from source ( natively ). . . I think the bigger problem would be space wasted, using the current image as a “dev image” assuming the link you posted does recompile from source as well.